Employment Opportunities



Blow Molding: up to 8lbs
Injection Molding: up to 400 tons

Secondary Operations
Ultra Sonic Welding
Hot Plate Welding
Melt Welding
Sawing/ Drilling/ etc 

Materials Commonly Used
HDPE, various grades
PP, various grades
Xenoy X6800BM

If you are unsure about the material you should be using, please feel free to contact Michael Cavaness and he will help determine the appropriate material for your application.

Colors Available
Any color you want, we can get it for you.

Packaging, Warehousing & Distribution
Let Midwest Plastics Company Inc., handle your warehousing & distribution needs! We are not only able to produce your products at the highest quality, but we can also save you money by packaging the product, warehousing it, and shipping it directly to the retailer or end user, saving you money in freight charges, handling, damages that occur during shipping, etc.